Completely custom roleplay, you make your race, choose your abilities and even make your own locations in the vast world of Atlas.
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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules EmptySun Feb 03, 2013 2:10 am

Basic Rules

1. Make sure to keep OOC separate from IC things by putting OOC content in [brackets].

2. No metagaming which is when you utilize outside IC knowledge to your advantage. (eg. Todai has 100 speed and comes walking down the river. Kino being two times faster than Todai having 200 speed swiftly made his way behind Todai. [If speeds were not given IC of course])

3. No godmodding which is considered in the category of auto-hitting or controlling of your opponent's characters or even your ally's character.

4. Do not post any "adult content" on any post or on the chatbox. The breaking of this rule will result in a permanent ban.

5. Please, if you are sexually involved with another player IC, do not go into detail. User innuendos, we do not know the age of all the users on the site and we wish to respect everyone.

6. Your character must be approved before you can start to RP with him. This goes from items and abilities too. This will result in a void post and a reminder.

7. Spamming in the chatbox or through the PM feature will not be tolerated, do not do it.

8. If you want to advertise your site do not post it in the chatbox or anywhere else on the site besides the designated location in the Off Topic section.

9. You must always have a reason behind what your character is doing, you cannot just run around killing everyone or if you are a high rank you can't just kill a lower ranking.

10. A lot of people will want to make new characters based on the multiplicity of possibilities with all the races available, but to do this you need to make sure of a couple things:
-You may only have 1 character per account.
-Your characters may not come in contact in any way. No excuses.

11. Once a stat point has been added to your character there are no refunds in any case.

12. In case of someone not posting within 48 hours of your post you may skip their turn unless there is a good reason for it which will then come under the judgment of a Mod or Admin.

13. You are allowed to have a maximum of one pet; you can register them in the Item Registry location.

14. Do not copyright anything from this site or from any other site onto this site. This will result in a ban.

- Currency is Jems
- You earn 100 Jems per 300 words.
- At the end of each topic post your Total word count so you can be rewarded as so.
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Basic Rules
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